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Digital Media Innovation

During my studies at Texas State, I worked at a long-term care facility and was able to meet amazing residents whom I could call family. No one prepares you for the hard times in healthcare, such as sickness, death, and departure, but I am glad I was able to take care of all my residents even when times were hard. 

While I enjoy working part-time now, I want to pursue a new path in website design! I have always been interested in website design since taking multiple classes during college and I hope to keep learning more about it as I grow. I am familiar with WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, GoDaddy, and more! I also have experience with Canva design as well as Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Although this will be a new journey for me, I am ready to help people get their websites started or even fixed up, all while continuing to learn more about websites! Please contact me for any questions about getting your business on the web!


I am a recent graduate of Texas State University with a bachelor's in digital media innovation. San Marcos has been my home for four years, but since July 2022, I now call Houston "home"! Though being in Houston could never make me love the Rockets (Spurs fan forever), the city is beautiful and full of new experiences that I am ready to explore!

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